See how the University of California's Advanced Highway Maintenance & Construction Technology Research Centre is using the Python 5000.




  • Fast patching -- the average hole can be patched in just two minutes
  • Quality patches -- hydraulic pressure controlled roller provides quality compaction and a permanent patch that will outlast the surrounding surface
  • Repairs utility cuts and long cracks in one continuous operation - chanelling the asphalt into the crack and compacting it on-the-go
  • Works in sub-zero temperatures or pouring rain
  • Travels at highway speeds to and from job site
  • All functions controlled from inside the cab by a single joystick
  • Multi-axis working arm gives full range of control -side to side, forward or reverse
  • Working arm extends to 4 feet from under the cab, with 6 feet of side-to-side motion
  • Exact amount of asphalt is delivered to the exact location
  • Keeps hot asphalt hot, and warms cold mix asphalt to the ideal temperature
  • Operator stays in the cab for a safer and more comfortable working environment
  • Clear visibility for driver/operator
  • Dispenses all standard hot or cold asphalt mixes
  • Drive to the job at highway speed
  • 5 ton capacity

If you would rather download the video and watch it later, right click on the link below for a Windows Media (WMV) file, and choose "Save Target As":

Python 5000 Pothole Patcher







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